Architectural Home - Wanaka

This architecturally designed house on the lake of Wanaka was special due to the design and insulation levels the client required. Insulation was comprehensive and included the following

Floor - 200mm Heat sink concrete slab with in floor hot water heating

Walls- 200mm Thick timber framed walls with 2 layers of R3.6 wall insulation

Ceilings - 100mm of thermocraft insulation and a layer of R3.6 giving an overall rating of R8.1 to R10

Windows - The windows are thermally broken aluminium windows and doors with 55mm triple glazing

The temperature loss of the house when it is below zero degrees outside is 1 degree every 3 hours without any heating.

Architects: McCoy and Wixon

Client: Mr and Mrs Middlemass

Project Manager: Ross Middlemass

Foreman: Richard De Jong

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