Environment & Sustainability

Stewart Construction Ltd.’s aim is to be a positive contributor to our community and our country, we recognise that construction activity can be harmful to the environment and it is our aim to work in a manner that will not harm the environment.

We therefore subscribe to the following environmental protection principles: compliance with all laws and by-laws, education, training, recycling where possible and strict management of hazardous materials and ensuring our contractors cooperate with environmental programmes.

At Stewart Construction we are dedicated to promoting "green" and future proof building and have procedures in place to ensure all materials and resources are being used in the most efficient ways, including the upgrade and design of insulation, the use of solar power and solar hot water and the promotion of carbon neutral, energy efficient building methods.

We are more than happy to guide clients through the process of sustainable building, offering advice and recommendations along the way on the most efficient resources, materials and building methods to adopt to ensure they have as little impact on the environment as possible. We realise that we are just one company and that we alone cannot fix the problem, but we are ready and willing to do our part.

As of March 2010, Stewart Construction is an accredited Future Proof Building Partner. For more information, please visit www.fpb.co.nz.

Our Key Staff

David Grant

Managing Director

Paul Faulkner

Construction Supervisor

Jodie Peters

Director / Contracts Manager

Jo Autridge

Office Manager

Matt Boivin

Contracts Manager

Barry Taylor

Joinery Manager

Sam Brouwer

Director / Quantity Surveyor

Sam Hobson

Health and Safety Coordinator

Stephen Bithell

Quantity Surveyor

Rachael McDowall